A Team Approach

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Structured Solutions offers a full spectrum of construction management services.  We are equally competent overseeing an entire project, analyzing alternative approaches, or resolving conflicts with existing parties. Strategic planning is key to defining and accomplishing desired outcomes. The Structured Solutions team is the core of this process, whether developing a project scope, defining a schedule, or assembling contractors.  Our company’s team approach is one reason the vast majority of our contracts come from referrals of satisfied clients.

Our services fall into three basic categories:

Owner Representation

For an owner, it’s the bottom line—project profitability.  As custodians of our clients’ time and funds, and as the eyes and ears of your venture, Structured Solutions ensures that you will be able to concentrate on your business at hand.  From beginning to end, we are intensely focused on your project completing on time and within budget.

Project Management

From initial concept to completion, SSI provides services tailored to the requirements of your construction project.  We can oversee all aspects of a project or simply the selected areas in which you need assistance.  In either case, our value engineering services allow you to make informed “cost versus benefit” decisions without compromising quality or brand compliance.  Our goal is to maximize your overall return on investment. 

Using the latest industry standards in Critical Path Method scheduling, Structured Solutions performs the planning, design and construction phases of your project. State of the art software, including Microsoft Project and Primavera Project Scheduling, allows us to keep you fully up to date on your project status.

Budgeting is the cornerstone of saving. A realistic budget represents the financial picture of your project and allows you to make informed decisions about where to spend money and where to save. Structured Solutions will help you control costs and manage your cash flow to keep you within budget and to realistically assess and plan any changes to the scope of the project.

Field Supervision
Structured Solutions always keeps a watchful eye over your project, whether we are providing on-site direction with aggressive management of contractors or implementing rigorous field-proven techniques of construction management. Throughout the process, safety and environmental awareness are ongoing priorities for SSI.

Due Diligence

SSI is skilled at helping you make important decisions concerning the construction or renovation of your property.  We make sure you understand the full scope of your property’s conditions including:

  • Building interior and exterior
  • Property site
  • Code compliance including fire/life safety and ADA
  • Heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

We categorize and clearly report our findings:

  • Visual site observations
  • Required repairs
  • Recommended improvements
  • Deferred maintenance

Client Relationship

7 Good Habits to Project Management

  1. 1. Understand your client
  2. 2. Develop attainable goals
  3. 3. Be a team leader
  4. 4. Communicate clearly
  5. 5. Make informed decisions
  6. 6. Learn the details
  7. 7. Have a backup plan