Three Keys to Success

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Clear Communication is paramount to any project and is established at the onset. The project team, primary points of contact, and the specific roles and responsibilities of each team member are identified, and reporting requirements are established. SSI protocol includes creating a schedule and participant list for conference calls and meetings to assure that key individuals are communicating on a regular basis. Meetings are focused to maintain momentum and ensure productive sessions and early critical decision-making.

Effective Use of Team Resources maximizes the overall efficiency of the project team. SSI accesses external resources appropriate to each project based on the project type, requirements and overall complexity. With the broad range of projects SSI has managed, our team is skilled at assessing the best talent, tradesmen and professionals for each job.

Schedule Effectiveness is a top priority throughout the planning, design and construction phases of a project. Structured Solutions will either perform scheduling services in-house or will engage a qualified professional scheduling firm to provide the project’s scheduling needs, using the latest industry standards in Critical Path Method scheduling.