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Structured Solutions, Inc.

Structured Solutions’ project management services include the coordination of the architect, interior designer, purchasing agent, engineers, third party consultants, contractors, and other firms that may be engaged to provide for the design and construction of a project. Below is a partial listing of management tasks that are typically provided.

Management Services

  • Publish and maintain project directory
  • Facilitate and direct project communications and meetings
  • Review Owner's project goals and requirements
  • Maintain project records
  • Coordinate with architect the required brand requirements
  • Coordinate with hotel management the necessary operational requirements
  • Coordinate and issue Requests for Proposals with architects, designers, purchasing agents, and any other consultant not already engaged by the Owner
  • Lead and direct contract preparation of any architects, designers, purchasing agents, engineers, and contractors as required to facilitate the scope of work
  • Direct and review the design and engineering efforts for conformance to contract requirements
  • Direct the purchasing process of all FFE and OSE
  • Direct the construction bidding process
  • Provide preliminary screening and selection of qualified general contractors to bid on the construction of the projects
  • Verify that all necessary permits are obtained by the consultants and contractors
  • Confirm and track insurance certificates from consultants and contractors
  • Develop and maintain the project budget
  • Manage value engineering efforts
  • Prepare the contracts for all contractors

Scheduling Services

  • Prepare and maintain a preconstruction design/bid/award schedule
  • Prepare and maintain a construction feasibility schedule to define the project phasing and milestones
  • Develop and include in the contractor’s bid package a specification detailing the contractor’s requirements for schedule submissions and updates
  • Review the contractor’s baseline schedule for conformance with the contract requirements in order to confirm the critical paths of the project and provide the required coordination with the operational needs of the hotel.
  • Review the contractor’s monthly schedule updates for conformance with contract phasing and milestones

On-site Project Supervision and Closeout Process

  • Provide full-time construction supervision as necessary
  • Manage shop drawing review process
  • Manage RFI process
  • Oversee contractors on a daily basis and report progress
  • Monitor, with assistance of designer, punchlist process
  • Facilitate the turnover of any warranties and product information to the Owner
  • Confirm final payments to consultants and contractors and transmit final lien releases to Owner

Project Accounting Services

  • Invoice Procedures
    Invoices and pay applications for all consultants and contractors are forwarded to Structured Solutions who reviews each invoice for accuracy and requests corrections as necessary. Once approved, the invoice is incorporated into a monthly draw request and entered into an accounting system to be processed and paid according to the contract terms.
  • Payment Procedures
    Monthly, a draw request form is completed by Structured Solutions listing the approved invoices to be paid. The form is forwarded to the owner to be reviewed and approved for payment.